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In 2022 the journalist Eva-Lena Lörzer and I will research the aftermath of “denazification” on recent generations and how wealth and power in Germany accrued over the last decades. We will build a labyrinth in which young Germans can discover the context and situations their grandparents didn’t tell them about. This project is supported by the research fund of the Berlin senate.


Das Jenseitige Amt

the other side

Das jenseitige Amt

still from the trailer of “the other side”

In the beginning there was a thought experiment: my mother was a progressive intellectual who left the Church various times. Nonetheless, Catholic doctrine affected her profoundly and she always returned. She is dead and I imagine her somehow above. In heaven. On a cloud. I am an atheist now but if I would convert to a religion,maybe become a muslim out of love or maybe a buddhist to find my spiritual self, after death I would end up in a different Beyond than hers. We would never be reunited.

Unless there was a travel agency for the various Beyonds, a place where you could go to organize your travel to another Beyond..

That is material for a film! A puppet film.

more info about the residency here

Besides content research and script writing I made a trailer for a Puppet Blockbuster during the residency:

In 2022 and 2023, I will run workshops with teenagers and adults on the subject of the Beyond and its different manifestations in human belief systems. These will partly be funded by the “Basisförderung” from the Berlin senate.

realized with the support of Schaubude Berlin and the Flausen Netzwerk.


Das jenseitige Amt

funded by the Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen von NEUSTART KULTUR

#LADY CLOWN or opinions of a Clown

Performative experiment of a radical clownish-feminist philosophy

Imagine you go to see a talk of a well-known philosopher, Prof. Dr. Hagen B. Phousa, on the subject: the red nose as metaphore of phallogocentrism. Imagine the philosopher is late and while the audience is waiting for him, a wormhole opens up to spit out a clownlady from another galaxy acompannied by a flying clownfish. While you are still asking yourself what the heck is going on, the clownlady takes over the talk. She changes and corrects it, juggles with the words and turns it into a radical clown philosophy. Will you know by the end of the show what the word phallogocentrism really means and what the red nose has to do with it?

Prof. Dr. Hagen B. Phousa: a newcomer-genious of radical-clownish philosophy

funded by: das Kulturbüro der Landeshauptstadt Magdeburg, das Land Sachsen-Anhalt, die Kunststiftung des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt und die Kloster Bergeschen Stiftung

Thanks to: Schloss Köthen, Forum Gestaltung Magdeburg

A project by and with: Annemie Twardawa (direction) und Sophie Bartels (performance)
Costume and make-up: Sebastian Ellrich
Dramaturgy: Neslihan Arol
Production: Miriam Glöckler
Video: Giacomo Corvaia
Technican: Paul Friedrich
Composition Ninwolc-Song: Mathias Becker
Sounddesign: Paul Tinsley

Müllrose – all inclusive/T4

A travel performance


Müllrose – all inclusive is a tour through Brandenburg. Müllrose – all inclusive is german reality: abandoned villages, biases, surprises, Spreewald pickles, everyday racism, and a lot of countryside.
In September 2017  Annemie Twardawa and Wanda Dubrau went on a research trip through Brandenburg. The roadtrip in a conspicuous red van led them through a German reality outside of the Berlin artist bubble.
Brandenburg is known as a region with increasingly many xenophobic asaults and the goal of our trip was to research this phenomenon and to collect stories from all perspectives.

Researching on xenophobic tendencies with Wanda Dubrau

Artist residency with Müllrose at Schloss Bröllin

A production of Dubrau | Twardawa in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost. Funded by Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. The project is part of the residency program Schloss Bröllin e.V., funded by  Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur des Landes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern und den Landkreis Vorpommern-Greifswald.

The Beauty and the Beast -The circus

A family circus performance with puppets
age: 6-99

Le cirque est en ville! Un petit cirque mais extraordinaire! Truffé de numéros à couper le souffle, de tours de magie, de marionnettes et leur incroyable attraction principale: une vraie bête!.

Un spectacle pour petits et grands mêlant humour clownesque, magie et illusion avec une pointe de frissons et de suspense .

Actrices- marionnettistes: Emilie Jedwab-Worclawski & Annemie Twardawa

Mise en scène: Tim Tonndorf

Marionnettes, décors & costumes: Annemie Twardawa, Emilie Jedwab-Wroclawski, Konstantin Neroslov & Myriam Beaufils ( La chouette brigasque)

Tout public à partir de 6 ans

À la Sainte Catherine

Place Biancheri

Breil Sur Roya

KiWi – Kinderwelt in HELLERAU

KiWi ist die neue interkulturelle Reihe für Kinder ab fünf Jahren und ihre Familien. Alle zwei Monate stellen wir neue Klänge, Rhythmen oder Tanz ganz unterschiedlichen Ursprungs vor. Wir wollen gemeinsam die kulturelle Vielfalt unserer Welt entdecken – und vor allem mitmachen, wenn Musik gespielt oder getanzt wird!

In Kooperation mit dem Interkulturellen Musikforum Sachsen und der Jugendkunstschule Dresden. Gefördert durch das Bundesministerium des Innern.

©Klaus Gigga

Europaeisches Zentrum der Kuenste Hellerau

Lovefuckers, Prinzip Gonzo and Emilie Jedwab-Wroclawski present:


The adult version of “Little red riding hood”

© Sebastian Arranz

The wait is over!! Finally the “Cirque du slay” is coming to your town!!! Come and see how the family company with it’s three generations (grandmother,
mother and the little one – now with a new hat) creates the greatest show on earth!
Come on in and be scared of their main feature : The BIG BAD WOLF! Let yourself be led away into the magic, when our amazing artists get eaten alive by the bloddthirsty monster!

Concept: Emilie Jedwab-Wroclawski
Puppets & Stage setting: Emilie Jedwab-Wroclawski & Annemie Twardawa
Director: Tim Tonndorf
Performers: Emilie Jedwab-Worclawski, Anna Menzel, Annemie Twardawa, Tim Tonndorf
Duration: 40 minutes

Kratz –Eine chat-noir Geschichte

Mord, Betrug und Gier. Ohne meiner tödlichen Waffe, dem Zynismus, wäre ich dieser Welt gnadenlos ausgeliefert. Dieser abgrundtief bösen Welt, in der es immer nur regnet und man seinem eigenen Schatten nicht trauen darf. Denn nachts sind alle Katzen grau.

© Sebastian Arranz

Premiere: 07/2011:

Spiel: Astrid Kjaer Jensen, Annemie Twardawa

Regie: Marc Wortel

Musik: David Benjamin

Eine Koproduktion von Lovefuckers, Prinzip Gonzo und Emilie Jedwab-Wroclawski